At Outside Rein we are intoxicated by the scent of French leather, the flash of a dappled coat gleaming in the sun, and the clink of champagne flutes during the victory gallop of a close competition. However, the moments for which we truly live are the tranquil ones alone in the stables, horses nickering puffs of fog into the frigid morning, clouds of steam rising from our coffees as the rest of the world sleeps.  To choose to be an equestrian is to choose to live a paradoxical lifestyle: 50% glamour, 50% grit. The balance of this has evolved into an aesthetic sensibility that is elegant yet pragmatic, and we strive to express this as we share our beloved products, experiences, and ideas each week.

Most importantly, those of us who ride are acutely aware of the value of the outside rein: to create balance, connection and feel.  At OR we view it as a metaphor for life, and attempt to tackle daily routines, obstacles and relationships through the lessons of horsemanship. And though we cater to those who possess a fondness for the equestrian spirit – we promise – no hoof picks here!

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“They say princes learn no art truly, but the art of horsemanship. The reason is, the brave beast is no flatterer. He will throw a prince as soon as his groom.”

— Ben Jonson

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Barn Porn: Meet the Director

John Blackburn, the founder of Washington, D.C.-based Blackburn Architects, recently received a call from a client's barn manager: "Uh, John, we have a problem. It's snowing in the barn!" After more than forty years designing equestrian facilities, the savvy designer...

Barn Blunders

You may know that “50% glamour: 50% grit” is the OR tagline. This is because the equestrian world is made up of two divergent parts: the one in which we wear white pants and tailored blazers while riding shiny horses around in some of the most beautiful places on the planet; and...

Stock It To Me

As two women with backgrounds in the fashion industry, we love a worthy trend (we’ve even been known to show up to a meeting clad in the same coveted shoes). And while we’re eager to hop on board the sartorial bandwagon this spring...

A Clean Break

Those of you who have followed OR from the beginning are familiar with our penchant for easy recipes, good great wine, and casual entertaining. Therefore, it feels right to mention that one half of OR possesses an enviable apron collection — yes, we said apron! — while the [...]

Riding Resolutions With Hylofit

At the stroke of midnight on January 1, many of us vow to be better versions of ourselves in the new year. Often, these resolutions fade into the periphery as the holiday season grows small in the rearview mirror. Promises to hit the gym or spend more time in the saddle rarely seem to materialize. Enter Hylofit, a state-of-the-art system...

Ten Tools to Kick Off the New Year

We love the promise of a new horizon, filled with curiosities and possibilities. The start of the calendar year similarly feels like such a beginning, and nudges us toward good intentions for enhancing our homes, health, and happiness. With that in mind, we pass along [...]

2-on-1 with Adrienne Sternlicht

It might not come as a surprise that we (along with a horde of other equestrians) have developed an unexpected girl crush on Adrienne Sternlicht. The 25-year-old show jumper, who helped Team USA earn gold at this year's World Equestrian Games, possesses a magnetic charm [...]

Holiday Gifts for the Equestrian

We couldn't help ourselves. With a few fun finds that were too good not to share, we've compiled one last gift guide to assist those in a bind. Eleven days and counting...

Building Confidence in the Horse: With Rodrigo Pessoa & Tristan Tucker

Things that are impossible: traveling at the speed of light, sneezing with eyes open, and a dressage trainer and a showjumping trainer agreeing on how to train the same horse. Or so we thought. Last weekend, we attended a clinic focused on reducing stress and creating confidence in the horse...

Riders Share What They’re Gifting This Season

’Tis the season in which we set out in pursuit of gifts that surprise and delight for their uniqueness, personal intention, or everyday practicality. At OR, we typically adhere to a common gifting principle: something one might not otherwise splurge on for oneself, no matter how big or small...

Gifts That Give Back

At OR, we prefer wallowing in our extended food comas to fighting Black Friday crowds, but it wouldn't be the day after Thanksgiving if we didn't spend at least a few minutes thinking about holiday shopping. Below, we compile some of our favorite...

Are We There Yet: Traveling Commercial

Way back in 2008, OR co-founder Courtney purchased a gelding from Wisconsin. A shipper was found online and hired after what Courtney thought was proper due diligence. We’ll spare you the specific details, but she was wrong. A less than two-day trip stretched into a four-day journey...

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