If you’ve read our tribute to the backyard henhouse and are keen to welcome a flock of feathery little chicks into your home, it’s only a matter of time until your pantry will be brimming with eggs. At OR HQ we frequently send guests home with our oeufs d’jour, and have a you-bring-it, we-fill-it policy when it comes to empty egg cartons. However, we have also demonstrated some culinary creativity, essentially supplanting a lot of the animal protein in our diets by adding a [cruelty-free!] egg or two to any meal as we see fit.  We love to top our quinoa bowls, burgers, and even baked potatoes with a fried egg, or to make homemade sauces such as hollandaise, mayonnaise, or carbonara.  The options are endless, so whether you’re caring for your own flock, taking a couple dozen from your friendly neighborhood chicken tender, or merely purchasing farmer’s market-fresh eggs, we hope to inspire you with some of our favorite springtime recipes.

Super fluffy and fast, plus it’s portable for anyone with access to a microwave!

For a dish that sounds far more daunting than it is, Martha Stewart to the rescue. We were immediately attracted to the addition of sweet potato.

Giada’s user-friendly site is a go-to at OR, but this breakfast-for-dinner option is a springtime staple.

Foodie and author Elettra Wiedemann loves to raid her friends’ kitchens and make meals out of their paltry pantries (this omelet is a favorite!).  Assuming your kitchen is a bit more evolved, we also love her Frittata Tricolore.

Fairly innocent as far as baked desserts go, these feather-light meringues are a great way to tszuj up any tablescape; simply add food coloring, flavored extract, edible glitter, or all of the above!

In need of a recipe to use the yolks left over from your meringues?  Try this decadent crème anglaise (which, incidentally, goes very well with meringue a la ile flottant).