The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Equestrian

For the travelling or city-dwelling barn bum who misses the earthy scent of the stable, these vegan, soy candles are an ideal gift. They’re poured in repurposed wine-bottle glass (now we know where it all goes!), and come in scents like apple & grass, as well as hay & molasses. If that’s not enough, a portion of the proceeds goes to Red Bucket Equine Rescue in Chino Hills, California.

Do you ever wonder what it means to get blackcurrant and tobacco on the nose? Well, if you’re like many equine enthusiasts (type-A know-it-alls), you probably like wine and knowing things. But if you aren’t devouring quince jelly or prunes on the reg, you may not be aware of their aromas hovering above your glass. We can help. This beautiful, velvet-lined, leather-bound case includes 88 essential oils based on the most common “notes” associated with wine (including faults, like nail polish remover and horse sweat), and it’s been a huge hit at every OR dinner party since it arrived.

When it comes to short stirrups, we 100% support the details that bling, sparkle, and shine in the ring. These customizable spur straps offer bedazzled buckle styles that range from skulls and sea creatures to flowers and insects, and in every crystal color imaginable. They ship in a swift one to two weeks, and the touch of glitz makes for a fun and cheerful stocking stuffer, as well as (warning!) the most coveted gift at the Pony Club’s Secret Santa party.

Maybe you own a horse named Notorious.  Maybe you just like hip-hop. Either way, a simple lyric can say so much, especially when it’s hand embroidered on cashmere. Designer Rachelle Hruska MacPherson celebrates iconic rappers’ expressive work on her cozy sweaters in a variety of color combinations.  Like her, we love the juxtaposition of the raw phrases with a soft, delicate garment, also known as: a little bit of glamour, a little bit of grit.

Nothing says Happy Holidays! like a freshly baked box of organic cookies delivered directly to your door. While sending flowers (or fruity arrangements made to look like flowers) is nice, there’s something truly homey and personal about Bang Cookies’ update on a classic gesture. Choose any combination of bake-to-order cookies (including Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, S’mores, and Espresso Chocolate Chunk), and have them sent to your lucky loved one of choice. Pro tip: these make fantastic hostess gifts to bring to holiday parties, as well as excellent thank yous to be sent all year round. Order six or more and shipping is free!

In recent years, we at OR have begun the act of gifting experiences rather than tangible presents. While we fully appreciate the thrill of ripping into a beautifully wrapped pair of custom EquiFit jumper boots in our barn colors, we believe that gifting memories is equally exciting. And what could be more memorable than having a conversation with your beloved pet?  Well-known and highly respected animal communicator, Debbie McGillivray, offers gift certificates for telephone as well as email readings with animals, and only requires a photo and name.

We always check and double-check to make sure our beauty products are cruelty-free, but Chantecaille has upped the ante on what it means to be a responsible beauty brand.  Each season the company creates a unique eye shadow palette and donates the proceeds to an organization that supports endangered species and sustainability.  This season the focus is on saving the rainforest, protecting wolves, and helping three female philanthropists eliminate big game hunting in Africa (here’s lookin’ at you, Mr. President).  We love this idea, because the only thing more fun than giving gifts, is giving back.

Among life’s little luxuries (fireflies, avocado toast, an intact turnout blanket) exists the domestic slipper. Slippers are synonymous with idleness, which is a rare notion among the equestrian crowd. However, at OR we have decided that amid our hustling and bustling around the house, it’s time to retire our Zocks as our defacto dust mop, and slip into something a bit more civilized. These ballet slippers by the cashmere house of White + Warren meet all of our requirements: cashmere, of course; lightweight; a thin, structured sole with gription (it’s a word); and the reassurance of guiltless comfort should you actually have a moment to slow down and kick up those tired feet.  Get 25% off on Black Friday, and 15% off when you register as a new customer.

We’ve entered the time of year when equestrians begin to curse their weather apps, then layer accordingly in an attempt to successfully brave the elements. So we went bonkers when we found these cotton fleece-lined leggings that are feathery soft and thin enough to wear under our breeches, offering comfy warmth without the bulk. It may seem like a humdrum idea, but just trust us on this one!  Add a pack of instant hand and toe warmers and your gift recipient will think of you every chilly morning.

Vacuums get a bit of a bad rap for being – hands down – the worst gift ever. But horse lovers are dog lovers and cat lovers, too. Of course we adore our furry friends, but we prefer when their hair is not deposited in all corners of our homes. This cordless (CORDLESS!) vacuum is specially designed for pet hair, and though it may seem like an odd thing to stick under the tree, there’s nothing a devoted equestrian loves more than a utilitarian gift. Plus, there’s a certain OR-er with a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who will be begging for one of these very soon.  Oh, and did we mention it’s cordless?

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