Last week we told you how we’ll be spreading our love this Valentine’s Day, and this week your inbox is surely overflowing with additional ways to show your affection for the special someone in your life.  So rather than talking about jewels and chocolate hearts, we’re bringing you eight things that we love in the hopes that you’ll do the same.

1. STREAM: Loupe

Loupe streams art directly to your computer and/or TV screens, simultaneously providing an infinite array of visual backdrops and creating exposure for global artists. It allows in-app purchases of the pieces you can’t live without, and syncs with both Apple TV and Spotify to create a seamless visual and audio experience.  Check out this demo, then SIGN UP for our weekly email and we’ll send a discount code for 25% off any print purchase (like this one, called “Dreams“).

2. SHOP: Kaval

A brand new luxury shopping experience geared specifically toward equestrians. It’s like shopping at Barney’s, only there are breeches and show coats and you don’t have to leave your house.

3. ORGANIZE: PonyApp

An app that acts as a “virtual stable” for everyone in the horse industry. From owners to trainers, to grooms and farriers, this app helps to streamline and catalog daily activities, medical visits, and all documents required for travel and competition.  And they even sell cool swag.

A well-stocked bar requires formidable tools. While imbibing with friends in the low country, our host (and self-taught mixologist) worked his magic with these handsome cocktail wands.  We immediately purchased our own, and…well, we can’t remember the rest.

If the deer is your spirit animal, you achieve ambitious goals and tackle difficult situations with gentleness and grace, making it fitting to sport this delicate symbol of strength.
(P.S. We have it. We love it. We always get complimented on it!)

Requiring only four ingredients that can be found in any well-stocked pantry, these treats are an easy project for those of us who fall into a rainy day baking groove.

7. RECYCLE: Show Ribbons

Getting pinned is something to brag about, but what to do with all of those hard-earned ribbons? We found a collection of thoughtful ideas on Pinterest for displaying one’s achievements; things like inexpensive glass canisters for a tidy shelf collection, wall-mounted quilts, decorative pillows, wreaths, and more.  But if you’re not the DIY type, there’s this.

8. MOVE: OR Gym Jams

We spend a lot of time sitting behind computers, but when we want to stretch our legs (literally) we tune into this upbeat playlist that we created specifically for when a little jolt of energy is needed.  It’s like coffee through our headphones.
Pro Tip: If you have Spotify you can play from the list above simply by clicking on it.  If not, sign up.  It’s free!