At OR we spend a lot of time doing dirty work in the stables, but we also have backgrounds in the fashion industry, and generally take pride in what we put on our bodies. That is, until bedtime.

When we’re on the farm, our days begin at dawn, feeding horses while decked in grimy Carhartt bibs thrown over the top of whatever it is we’ve slept in the night before.  Our mornings are punctuated by inbox checking and thousands (literally, thousands) of intra-OR texts about even the minutest of details. At some point toward the end of the day we migrate to the barn to ride, and by the time we make it to the shower, we’re exhausted enough to throw on the nearest clean t-shirt before hitting the proverbial hay (we’re not complaining – it’s the life we’ve chosen).

Although nothing could be simpler than tossing on leggings and whichever tee happens to be sitting atop one’s pajama drawer at bedtime, we realize that if we are to achieve the recommended eight hours of sleep per night, we will ultimately spend an entire third of our lives in bed. Thus, it could be argued that the trusty Betadine- and Farrier’s Fix-stained Johnny Cash tee should be abandoned in favor of something a bit more civilized (read: less gross). During the day – on horseback, on the treadmill, or sauntering down Seventh Avenue – we wear expressive clothing that makes us feel confident, and we can’t think of a single justification for forsaking this principle in the bedroom. It is for this reason that we recently undertook a mission to upgrade our pajama game.

Our go-to source in this quest was Maison Du Soir. Founded by designer Courtney Kates Garcia, the Los Angeles-based brand specializes in pajamas that bridge the style gap between daywear and sleepwear. From precious textiles such as silk (for the more glamorous among us) to machine-washable cotton blends (for those of us who shimmy into overalls each morning), the luxurious fabrics and flattering silhouettes are as practical as they are indulgent. These pieces truly evoke elegance even in the privacy of one’s own home, giving us every reason to get all dressed up with no place to go.

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