If you have a horse, and you have a heart, then you probably have a heart horse (some of us – not naming names! – have had 3, but who’s counting?). Whether your beloved steed nickers to you from his (or her) stall each morning or has crossed over the rainbow bridge, we know that it’s important to commemorate that relationship in a meaningful way.

A few months ago, we provided a little insight into a few of our favorite methods of proud parenting in “This Is Personal.” There we demonstrated our devotion to our pets on customized items such as handbags and sweaters, but we recently stumbled upon another inspiring treasure that we simply had to have (and share).

Sarah Fox is the creator of Enigma Horsehair Jewellery, and designs beautiful, tasteful accessories customized with the mane or tail hair of your favorite equine companion. Though she runs her business out of the U.K., the process is an easy one; simply purchase an item through her website or Etsy store, give the hair a quick wash, and pop it in the mail. Ms. Fox handles the rest.

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