Bright Ideas: #barnhacks

We adhere to a fairly strict list of daily chores at OR, and always look forward to that gratifying moment of completion. However, horses (and dogs and cats and chickens) have a way of derailing us from the tasks at hand with impromptu injuries, ailments, or other unplanned and unnecessary fusses that frequently turn a thoughtfully scheduled day into another late night. And while we’re not the type to cut corners, we are grateful to have a few tricks up our sleeves to help save our time, resources, and sanity should that routine to-do list take on a life of its own.

For the days on which find ourselves spending the better part of an hour chasing adventurous hens from the garden next door, speed-dialing the vet due to a late night laceration, or searching for that carefully crafted orthotic shoe in a field of tall grass, we turn to likeminded folks on Instagram. In this unlikely place, we found a variety of practical and entertaining ideas for keeping things tidy and efficient in the barn (and we especially appreciate the repurposing of household items or refashioning of tired tack). We hope these #barnhacks give you a second wind, and earn you enough quality time at day’s end to set out on the best hack of all…

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